Jaraina English Springer Spaniels


Some recent feedback from Jaraina puppy purchasers

A quick line to let you know how things are progressing with Harley. He is continuing to develop very nicely and is still a great character, full of fun and mischief.

Mr & Mrs D, Lancashire, October 2006

Thank you so much for your time and enthusiasm yesterday - we were left in no doubt we had found the right dog from the right place. Lovely to finally meet you both and see your wonderful dogs and location. Best wishes and thanks again.

Mr & Mrs L, Northamptonshire, July 2006

Archie has settled in well and the girls just love him!! Thanks again for a beautiful boy!

Mr & Mrs S, Whitby, November 2005

I was speaking to a lady at dog training who shows gundogs. She asked me if I show Henry and said he was a lovely dog. So I may start taking him to ring craft classes see how he gets on. I don't need a rosette to tell me what a gorgeous boy he is! I still can't believe what a good dog he is. He doesn't give me any trouble at all he is a pleasure to have.

Mr & Mrs H, Coventry, September 2005

He's got a gorgeous temperament and although initially very headstrong is now such a nice biddable dog.

Mr & Mrs H, Coventry, July 2005

Here are some pictures of Chester. He is such a lovely happy puppy, and a real member of the family.

Mrs B, Henley-on-Thames, June 2005

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